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Imagine Math supplemental materials

Does your district need supplemental math materials to support students in K-8? Take a look at Learning List’s review of Imagine Learning’s Imagine Math.

Imagine Learning’s Imagine Math is an adaptive digital program designed to supplement core mathematics instruction for grades PreK-Geometry. Learning List recently reviewed the content for grades PreK-8.

The program for focuses on helping students understand how math functions in the real world and developing foundational knowledge and conceptual understanding in mathematics.  

The materials provide personalized mathematics instruction and practice while tracking student performance in real-time. Based on assessments, the program provides students with personalized pathways. Districts may elect to customize the pathways.

Students access their lessons from the customizable student dashboard which shows their progress on lessons, class leader boards, contests, “Think Points” earned, and pathways completed. Additionally, the program provides a number of resources to support the teacher in implementing the program.

Read Learning List’s alignment report to learn more about the material’s alignment to the TEKS. Learning List has also completed a qualitative review of the material’s instructional content, as well as a review of its technology compatibility and support for remote learning. These reviews not only inform selection decisions, they facilitate instructional alignment and curriculum mapping, too. To learn more about this product and thousands more PreK-12 instructional materials, contact Learning List for subscription information.

About Imagine Learning*

Imagine Learning “enables educators to drive student growth with forward-thinking solutions at the intersection of people, curricula, and technology.”

Imagine Learning is an educator-led company “dedicated to embracing the unique learning Journey of the individual.”  The company promotes student-centered, equitable learning that is innovative and personalized.

Information in this section is provided by or adapted from Imagine Learning

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