New Reviews of 3 High School Science Curricula: Savvas’ Experience Biology, Chemistry, and Physics

Is your district adopting new high school science materials?

Savvas’ Experience Biology, Chemistry, and Physics are comprehensive curricula for high school courses. Each focuses on providing immersive experiences to support students in doing science through inquiry, phenomena, labs, and real-world applications. Experience Chemistry provides immersive experiences to support students in doing science through inquiry, phenomena, labs, and real-world applications. The materials are available in print and digital format.

The program design is based on the 5E model. Instruction is organized in “Investigations” (units) based on anchoring phenomena to demonstrate how scientific concepts exist in the real world. “Experiences” include virtual and hands-on labs, as well as demonstrations. In Chemistry and Physics, “Experiences” also provide math instruction and practice to guide students through the mathematics required to be successful in those subjects.

The material seamlessly integrates phenomena, scientific and engineering practices, and recurring themes throughout each topic. Students consistently participate in activities such as planning and conducting investigations, using models to explore scientific concepts, analyzing data, communicating their findings, and defending their answers with evidence. Ongoing formative assessments use a variety of question types.

The primary student material is the Experience Handbook which serves as the textbook. It includes reading material activities, and review and assessment questions. The Savvas Realize platform includes a variety of resources such as interactive activities for students, and video and audio materials. Teacher resources include a scope and sequence, a course pacing guide, and presentation materials. Each “Investigation” provides an “Overview” for the teacher that includes background and preparation videos, a preview of the topic, background information for the teacher, common misconceptions, vertical alignment of the standards, and ideas for home connections.

The materials are only available in English but are formatted for translation using Google Translate. Learn more about how these materials support special populations, including Emerging Bilinguals by reading Learning List’s editorial reviews.

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