A Thank You to My Teachers

Thank YouDuring Teacher Appreciation week, I often hear of the amazing teachers that turn lives around. I read stories that inspire and motivate.  But, there are many more untold stories of the impact that a good teacher has over the span of their career in education.  And as I reflect on my experience as a student, I would like to thank all of the teachers from Rockwall ISD. [Read more…]

I was the quiet kid that was always “A joy to teach!” according to my report card.  I followed directions and at worst occasionally did not turn in my homework. I might not have the “turned my life around” story, but I do have many memories of always being spoken to respectfully and treated as capable and intelligent.  When my fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Adams, was patient with a quiet girl that was not comfortable speaking up, I felt accepted and respected.  When my eighth grade science teacher, Ms. Brown, pulled me aside and asked me to be available to help with questions from the kids with special needs, because she knew I could, I felt capable.  Even though it has been well over twenty years, my teachers contributed to who I am today and I am grateful for that. These are just a few samples of the many positive memories from having good teachers in my life.  So, I thank them for the quiet assurance that I was worthy of respect and capable of success.

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