What Learning List’s Reviews Tell Educators

Learning List’s three professional reviews provide a multi-faceted perspective of each material:

Three Reviews
  • Spec Sheet – provides an overview of the material’s key instructional features and technology compatibility.  We test the key instructional components of each material to identify which devices and operating systems the material works on, as well as other interoperability information. This review helps educators eliminate from consideration products that clearly will not meet their students’ instructional needs or work with the district’s technology infrastructure and hardware.
  • Alignment Report – reviews the material’s alignment to each state standard and calculates the percentage of standards to which the material is aligned. The alignment report provides important context for the alignment percent, showing (1) which standards each material is and is not aligned to, and (2) which reviewed citations (i.e., pages, lessons, videos) from the publisher’s correlation are completely aligned to each standard and which are only partially aligned. Educators can export, into their lesson and intervention plans, the citations we have verified as aligned to ensure that they are using their materials to teach all of the content knowledge and all of the skills the standards expect students to learn.
  • Editorial Review – reviews the quality of the material’s instructional content, including the instructional model, rigor, adherence to the concepts embodied in the standards, relevance to students’ lives, adaptions for different learners, instructional resources for teachers, ease of use, and more. This review empowers educators to identify the materials that will meet their students’ and teachers’ needs best. 

Our reviews are concise and easy to read. Tools on our site layer the information provided to allow subscribers to quickly eliminate from consideration materials that clearly will not meet their needs. Other tools allow subscribers to create customized comparisons across various product features to determine which will meet their needs best at the best price. Lastly, the alignment reports are downloadable to empower educators to use only aligned citations in their materials so that they have confidence that students are learning all of the knowledge and skills the standards require.

Contact us to learn more about subscribing to our service. Subscribing districts have realized significant gains in terms of instructional quality and cost savings.

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