Time Requirements for Online Products

With more school districts using online instructional materials, finding enough time for students to work on computers is often a challenge for educators.  This is of particular importance when students need to be engaged with a product for a minimum amount of time each week in order to progress academically.

When selecting online instructional materials, educators should pay attention to the publisher’s statements about the amount of time students should work in a particular online program in order to show academic growth. Often, educators don’t know this information until they have already purchased the product. Then they find that there is not enough time in the class’ or computer lab’s schedule to allow each student to work on a computer for the required amount of time.

Learning List’s editorial reviews highlight the time requirements for online products to help educators select not only the instructional materials that meet their students’ needs, but equally important, the products that  the district or school has the technical infrastructure to support.



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