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Over the years, numerous subscribing districts have contacted us for help finding instructional materials to consider for a new course they were planning to offer. We would contact other districts that subscribe to our service and compile a materials list for the relevant course. One day, a grateful curriculum director explained that the list we gave her had saved her staff weeks of work. That sparked an idea! We could leverage our relationships with districts and publishers alike to create a robust materials list for the range of subjects and courses schools offer.

We spent the next several weeks talking to district curriculum leaders about this idea and learned that curriculum staff and teachers spend an inordinate amount of time searching for new materials to review. So, we got to work. We created The Learning List to help teachers spend more time teaching and curriculum teams spend more time supporting and coaching teachers. 

The Learning List is a free, public directory of more than 10,000 K-12 instructional materials (and counting!) for the courses districts offer. We aggregated titles from state and district adoption lists, our database of reviewed materials, and publishers’ catalogs. The titles are organized by subject, course, and grade band. Within each grade band, the materials we have reviewed are listed first; the remaining materials are listed in alphabetical order.

The Learning List is an organic, communal resource that we will update regularly. If your district is using or your company is selling materials that are not yet listed, submit the titles and we will add them to the list.

If we have reviewed a material you are interested in, contact us to learn about how to access our reviews. If we have not yet reviewed the material you are interest in, contact us to learn more about having the material reviewed. We can complete our reviews within five weeks of receiving access to the material.

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