New Curriculum Review: Kiddom’s OpenStax Anatomy and Physiology 2e

Image of Anatomy textbook

OpenStax’s Kiddom Anatomy and Physiology (Kiddom Anatomy) is a comprehensive science program for high school Anatomy and Physiology. The material is available in digital format through the Kiddom platform or in print. The material intends to provide relevant instruction in Anatomy and Physiology while supporting students in their future careers. In Kiddom Anatomy, learning is organized in units that include multiple chapters. …

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New High School Science Reviews: Kiddom’s OpenStax Biology, Chemistry, and Physics

Thumbnail of high school biology material

OpenStax powered by Kiddom provides comprehensive science programs for Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. The materials are available in digital format through the Kiddom platform or in print. The Biology material intends to support “biology courses for science majors” through an evolutionary lens while highlighting careers in biology. Chemistry intends to support students in learning the core concepts of chemistry and how those concepts apply to the world. Physics focuses on physical concepts, quantitative examples and skills, and interesting applications.

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New Curriculum Review: Kiddom’s OpenSciEd

As the materials adoption season begins, curriculum reviews can save you hours of work. If you are looking at science materials, learn about a science curriculum we have reviewed for middle school.

OpenSciEd Science powered by Kiddom is a comprehensive science program for grades 6-8 and high school Biology. This review is based on the version of the material submitted for state adoption under Texas Proclamation 2024. While the publisher may have developed some content in this version specifically to align to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, the material’s format and features are likely the same as in the national version of the material. Thus, the information contained in this review would be useful to districts in every state.

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