New Product: USATestprep U.S. History

Are your teachers requesting materials to help students prepare for the U.S. History End-of-Course Exam? Take a look at Learning List’s review of USATestprep U.S. History. USATestprep provides a supplemental program that includes online test preparation and digital instructional resources for Texas STAAR End of Course (EOC) exams, national exams, such as ACT or SAT, Advanced Placement Exams, as well …

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New Curriculum Review: Social Studies Success U.S. History

American History Bundle

Are you looking for a resource to support social studies instruction for grade 8? Take a look at Learning List’s review of Social Studies Success-U.S. History. Social Studies Success-U.S. History is a set of materials designed to support the grade 8 U.S. History course in Texas. The primary purpose of the material is to provide TEKS-based instruction that includes examination …

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New Review: State Bar of Texas’ OYEZ, OYEZ, OH YAY! (OER)

The State Bar of Texas’ OYEZ, OYEZ, OH YAY! is a supplemental open-educational resource (OER) that supports social studies instruction for grade 8 and high school students. Learning List has completed reviews of these resources.

New Instructional Material Reviews: Savvas Texas Social Studies Series

Pearson Education’s Texas Social Studies Series provides comprehensive middle school and high school social studies courses in print and digital formats. Content is structured using a four-part model: (1) Connect, (2) Investigate, (3) Synthesize and (4) Demonstrate.

New Reviews: McGraw-Hill Education Texas Social Studies

McGraw-Hill Education’s Texas Social Studies Series is a set of comprehensive social studies courses for middle school and high school students. The series includes courses for each middle school grade, core high school instruction (i.e., world geography, world history, and U.S. history), and high school electives (e.g., sociology, psychology, economics).

New Product Review: MPO Solutions’ Freedom Run

Learning List recently reviewed MPO Solutions’ Freedom Run® which is a supplemental product designed to help Texas students in grade 8 prepare for the social studies STAAR test. This digital product includes two online game-style student apps. Teacher resources are available online with downloadable components. Freedom Run organizes content in five units that address facts about U.S. history from the …

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New Product Reviews: Sirius STAAR Preparation and Practice Products

  Sirius Education Solutions provides supplemental test-preparation products that help Texas middle school and high school students prepare for STAAR exams. Content is available in print format. Learning List recently reviewed the following Sirius products: U.S. History EOC [end-of-course exam]: STAAR Preparation and Practice (high school) English I EOC All-in-One STAAR Preparation and Practice: Reading/Writing English II EOC All-in-One STAAR Preparation …

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New Product Reviews: Edmentum Study Island Middle School and High School

Edmentum’s Study Island is a supplemental online resource that prepares students in grades K-12 for standardized tests. Across courses and grades, Study Island supports teacher-guided instruction and independent study. Instruction emphasizes preparation for standardized tests, including Texas’ STAAR exams and CCSS exams (e.g., PARCC). Learning List recently reviewed mathematics materials for grades 7 and 8 and the high school Algebra …

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