Buying Instructional Materials? How to Avoid Making a (Multi-)Million Dollar Mistake

Caveat Emptor … a Latin phrase meaning, “Buyer Beware.” For centuries buyers have been held to a standard of due diligence; do your homework before you buy or suffer the consequences. Purchasing instructional materials is the single largest annual purchase a school district typically makes. To put it in context: school districts spend more on instructional materials annually than you …

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ORIGO Stepping Stones is 100% Aligned

ORIGO Stepping Stones is a comprehensive, mathematics curriculum for grades K-5 available in English and Spanish. Learning List has verified that Stepping Stones is aligned to 100% of the Common Core math standards in grades K-5, and with newly developed content, is aligned to 100% of the TEKS in grades 1-5, as well.

Curriculum Associates’ Ready Common Core Math

Learning List has reviewed print materials for Curriculum Associates’ Ready Common Core Math. This is a supplemental resource for grades K-8 that supports math instruction and mastery of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSS-M). Across grades, instruction addresses grade-level CCSS-M while developing students’ understanding of key concepts and ability to apply concepts to solve real-world problems. Ready Common …

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