Reviews of Materials for CTE and Languages Other Than English (LOTE)

The Texas State Board of Education recently released this state adopted list of materials for Career & Technology Education (CTE) and Languages Other than English (LOTE) courses. As part of the Texas state adoption process, panels of educators review the alignment of each material to the relevant state standards for the course and develop a detailed evaluation report showing the citations in the panel verified to be aligned to each state standard.

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) does not publish the state panel reports on the Agency’s website, though they are available through a public information request.

Learning List has reviewed materials for these CTE courses.  For each of those materials, the state panel evaluation report will be posted along with Learning List’s Spec Sheet and Editorial Review on

For state-adopted materials for the remaining CTE courses and for LOTE materials, Learning List will make the state evaluation reports available to subscribers upon request. Requests may be made using the Chat, Contact Us or Request a Review features of our site.

We hope that making these state evaluation reports available will help not only Texas subscribers but also subscribers in other states who may want to evaluate CTE and LOTE materials.  An explanation of how to read (and understand) a state evaluation reports is provided below.
How to Read a State Panel Evaluation Report

  • The first page of the report provides the state’s calculation of the material’s alignment percentages to the TEKS and the English Language Proficiency Standards.  At the bottom of the page, there may be Reviewer’s Comments about the material.
  • The “meat and potatoes” of the alignment report is contained in section (b) Knowledge and Skills,in a table like the one below that begins on pg. 2 or pg. 3 of the report.

State Alignment Report

  • The first three columns of the table contain a TEKS statement, Student Expectation (SE) and Breakout. Materials submitted for state adoption are reviewed for alignment to the Breakouts of each SE.

Note: SEs are generally compound and complex sentences. To facilitate the review of the alignment of each material, at the inception of each state adoption process, TEA staff breaks down each SE into its component parts, called “Breakouts.” The state panels review each material for alignment to the Breakouts. Each Breakout is listed on a separate row of the table.

  • The four middle columns of the table identify the citations (e.g., the pages, lessons, videos) in the material that the state panel reviewed for alignment to each Breakout.
  • The last two columns (furthest right) show whether (Yes/No) any of the citations reviewed were aligned to the Breakout and whether the material is aligned to that SE (which is only shown on the row of the first Breakout of the SE).
    • The material must be aligned to all of the Breakouts of a SE in order for the material to be considered “aligned” to the SE.
    • The Comments column may contain state reviewers’ comments about any citation that they found not to be aligned to the Breakout.


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