Reviews of Agile Mind’s Mathematics Courses


[Source: Agile Mind]
[Source: Agile Mind]
Agile Mind is a comprehensive, online program to support mathematics instruction in middle school and high school.  Agile Mind resources are designed to support teacher-led instruction and include interactive animations, simulations, and collaborative learning experiences to engage students with mathematics concepts. Agile Mind resources are aligned to the Common Core State Standards and the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills.

Instruction is organized in three-part lessons:

  1. Overview activities spark students’ interest using animations and visualizations to introduce new concepts.
  2. Exploring activities provide core instruction in the context of real-world problems. Interactive simulations allow students to manipulate variables, make predictions, and analyze data. Instruction incorporates multiple representations of math concepts (e.g., words, tables, graphs, and equations) and provides opportunities for students to communicate their thinking in written and spoken formats.
  3. Summary sections review and reinforce key concepts and vocabulary.

[Source: Agile Mind]
[Source: Agile Mind]
Agile Mind resources include Bloom’s and Webb’s Depth of Knowledge (DOK) questioning taxonomies and Mathematics Assessment Resource Service (MARS) problem sets that are aligned to national and international standards. An Algebra I teacher from Lyford High School in Texas commented: “Even though I didn’t think I had time to implement another new program at our school, I found out that having students work on Agile Mind to explore a new topic before I taught the lesson actually saved me time in the long run!”

Agile Mind provides extensive instructional support for teachers, including topic-specific support for planning and implementing lessons and downloadable student work sheets to support note-taking and lab-based activities. The program’s browser-based learning management system (LMS) is easy to use and includes tools that allow teachers to plan instruction; manage assignments, quizzes, and assessments; and communicate with students. The teacher dashboard is formatted as an interactive calendar that includes an “at-a-glance” feature that allows users to track individual student and class progress on assignments. LMS resources include comprehensive guidance in using online tools and professional development and support for instruction in print and video formats.

About Agile Mind: With over 2.3 million students served in 27 states, Agile Mind was founded in 2002 to enhance one thing: the opportunity to learn. The team focuses on equity and high achievement in mathematics and science because of its importance to both the lives of students and to the future of our nation. Agile Mind’s mission—and promise—is to provide the programs, tools, and the instructional improvement systems educators need to transform student achievement through exemplary, sustainable teaching practices. Click here to learn more about Agile Mind courses and programs.

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