Online vs. Print in Texas

On November 22, 2013, the SBOE released a list of 405 state-adopted math, science and technical applications products, 303 of which align to 100% of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).  More than two-thirds of the products on the state-adopted list are online products.  According to John Lopez, Managing Director of TEA’s Instructional Materials and Educational Technology division, the breakdown of print and digital products on the state-adopted list by subject is as follows:


Material Format

Products 100% Aligned to the TEKS (#)

Products Aligned to Between 50-99% of the TEKS (#)

Total products 


Print 71 18   89 (33%)
Electronic 142 33 175 (66%)


213 51 264


Print 36 14  50 (41%)
Electronic 44 29  73 (59%)


80 43 123

Technology Apps

Print 0 0 0
Electronic 10 8 18 (100%)


10 8 18


In light of the facts that: (1) the state-adopted list includes so many instructional materials, (2) districts have a limited amount of state funds with which to purchase instructional materials and technology, and (3) superintendents and board presidents have a legal obligation to certify that they are providing instructional materials that align with 100% of the TEKS, educators must carefully evaluate instructional materials to determine which products best meet their students’ unique needs.

Learning List can help! Learning List is a subscription-based, K-12 instructional materials review service designed to help districts and schools determine which products are best for their students. Texas districts and charter schools may use IMA funds to pay for the subscription to Learning List. Schedule a webinar to see the reviews and tools on, contact


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