New Reviews: Triumph Learning’s Performance Coach for ELA & Math

[Source: Triumph Learning]
[Source: Triumph Learning]
Triumph Learning’s Common Core Performance Coach provides supplemental instructional materials for mathematics and English language arts and reading instruction in grades 3-8. Performance Coach materials are available in print format and are aligned to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Resources include practice questions formatted to reflect the CCSS-based standardized exams (i.e., PARCC, Smarter Balanced). Learning List has recently published alignment reports and editorial reviews for these materials in grades 3-8.

[Source: Triumph Learning]
[Source: Triumph Learning]
Common Core Performance Coach: English Language Arts organizes instruction in four strands: (1) Working with Literature, (2) Working with Informational Texts, (3) Writing, and (4) Listening. Common Core Performance Coach: Mathematics is organized in terms of the CCSS Mathematics domains for each grade level. Content in both products is structured using the Gradual Release of Responsibility (GRR) instructional model which gradually shifts responsibility for learning from the teacher to students. To achieve this goal, lessons are presented in three parts:

  1. Getting the Idea: Teachers introduce new concepts, model new skills, provide examples, and make connections to prior learning.
  2. Coached Example: Teachers coach students as they practice new skills and work with peers.
  3. Lesson Practice: Students practice new skills independently.

[Source: Triumph Learning]
[Source: Triumph Learning]
The Performance Coach Teacher Guide provides teachers with a detailed pacing guide for the full instructional year that references additional resources to support instruction. Guides provide correlations to the CCSS and background information to help teachers transition to the new standards and assessments. Guides include strategies for working with English language learners, rubrics to guide the evaluation of student writing, and comprehensive lesson plans.

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