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[Source: Mastery Education]
Mastery Education Measuring Up to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills: Mathematics is a supplemental print resource to help students in grades 3-8 (i.e., Levels C-H) prepare for STAAR testing in math. Content is organized in short lessons that address specific TEKS. Instruction provides ample opportunities for students to practice and apply problem-solving strategies. Learning List recently these materials for grades 3-8.

Content is organized in chapters that address key concepts in the TEKS for each grade level (e.g., rational numbers, place value, measurement). Each chapter is made up of short lessons that address specific TEKS. Lessons are presented in five parts: (1) Understand the TEKS, (2) Guided Instruction, (3) Critical Thinking, (4) STAAR Practice, and (5) STAAR Assessment. Content is scaffolded, building from simple to more complex concepts, and includes frequent opportunities for students to write about mathematics.

Student worktexts contain a letter to parents in English and Spanish. The letter explains the importance of the TEKS and the STAAR test, describes the Measuring Up program, and suggests ways that parents can support mathematics education at home (e.g., involve students in mixing recipes).

[Source: Mastery Education]
About Mastery Education*

Mastery Education®, formerly Peoples Education, is a creator of print and online educational materials for the K-12 school market, best known for the flagship brand Measuring Up®. The company focuses on supplemental instructional and practice materials that are standards-based and customized for specific markets. Founded in 1991, Mastery Education has a long history of accurate and astute content creation, working closely with educational partners and analyzing mandated standards and assessment criteria in order to create the most useful and relevant teacher support tools.

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