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Common Core Standards Plus is a supplemental program to support English language arts, reading (ELAR), and mathematics instruction in grades K-8. Resources are in print format and complement core curricula through short daily lessons, application activities, and extended projects. Across grades, instruction helps students master the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).  The relevant CCSS are referenced throughout teacher and student editions and teacher editions have a chart matching Common Core Standards Plus content to the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium’s (SBAC) Blueprint for testing. Learning List has completed reviews for Common Core Standards Plus’ math and language arts materials in grades K-8.

At each grade level, resources include a year’s worth of supplemental lessons. Daily lessons for ELAR and math are short, lasting 15 to 20 minutes, and include an introduction, teacher-led direct instruction, guided and independent practice, review, and closure activities. Lessons may be used to introduce concepts, reinforce prior learning, or reteach. Students apply what they have learned in application activities that generally require three 30-minute class periods. Each week of instruction concludes with a formative assessment.

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Common Core Standards Plus also provides opportunities for students to use higher level thinking skills in longer-term projects (i.e., two weeks). Projects are framed by a “driving question” (e.g., “How do speeches impact us?”; “How are number systems developed and used?”) and require that students create a product (e.g., a written analysis of a speech and an oral presentation of the speech and its analysis; a short written research report and an oral presentation that incorporate a visual aid and address a topic related to a number system).  

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