New AP Curriculum Review: WileyPLUS’s The Molecular Nature of Matter

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Learning List recently reviewed WileyPLUS’s The Molecular Nature of Matter, which is a comprehensive, advanced high school chemistry course. Resources include online and print materials. Instruction focuses on developing students’ conceptual understanding, problem solving skills, and knowledge of the real-world application of chemistry concepts. Content supports instruction in Advanced Placement (AP) Chemistry courses. A first-year chemistry course is recommended as a prerequisite.

The Molecular Nature of Matter begins with a short history of chemistry that provides a foundation for understanding the course’s approach to molecules and chemical reactions. Subsequent chapters address the factual and conceptual content that forms the basis for developing theoretical models in chemistry.  Chapters include “Chem FAQ” interactive slide shows that address common student questions (e.g., “What is an atomic mass unit?”). Some chapters include video demonstrations of chemistry concepts and/or links to PhET interactive simulations hosted by the University of Colorado.

Course resources facilitate teacher-led instruction and student self-study, and the program includes ORION online adaptive study and practice software, which offers individualized instruction. Students complete a diagnostic assessment that evaluates their understanding of chapter content by objective and prescribes customized “Study” and “Practice” activities tailored to their individual learning needs. The Study feature of the program recommends sections of the e-text for students to read or review. Practice uses adaptive software to customize practice problems for each student.

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