New Review: Trunity Integrated Concepts in Biology (ICB)

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Learning List has reviewed Trunity Integrated Concepts in Biology (ICB). ICB is a comprehensive product that supports instruction in Advanced Placement (AP) Biology courses. Content is available in digital format. Instruction is organized around ICB’s “5 Big Ideas” of biology: information, evolution, cells, emergent properties, and homeostasis. Each Big Idea is examined across a 5-level “Hierarchy”: molecules, cells, organisms, populations, and ecological systems.

Each chapter begins with a short overview of content, a table that locates content in terms of the biology Big Ideas and Hierarchy, a list of learning objectives, and questions that frame the titles for each chapter section (e.g., “What is the difference between stem cells and cancer cells?”). Chapter sections begin with a set of statements that summarize the (1) context (e.g., “Populations of cells perform different tasks within multicellular organisms.”), (2) major themes (e.g., “Cell structure relates to function…”), and (3) “Bottom line” (e.g., “Multicellular organisms contain various systems, each with populations of cells that perform specific functions.”) of what students will learn.

Most chapters include one or more Bio-Math Explorations (BMEs) and Ethical, Legal, Social Implications (ELSIs) features. BMEs develop quantitative reasoning, modeling, and data analysis skills in the context of biology. ELSIs are case studies and articles that ask students to consider the real-world ethical, legal, and social implications of biology. For example, a chapter titled “Evolutionary History” includes an ELSI addressing “Eugenics Yesterday and Today.”

About Trunity*

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