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Pearson's myPerspectivesSavvas’s myPerspectives is a comprehensive product that supports English language arts instruction in grades 6-12. Content is available in print and online formats and facilitates instruction in blended learning environments.  The student-centered program develops close reading skills and students’ ability to communicate effectively in written and spoken formats. Learning List recently reviewed online resources for grades 6-8.

At each middle school grade, instruction is organized in five thematic units (e.g., “Facing Adversity”). As the title suggests, myPerspectives explores authors’ points-of-view and helps students develop their own perspectives. Units present a balance of literary and informational texts and a variety of genres from a range of time periods. Readings have diverse authorship and represent protagonists and themes that reflect a variety of experiences, support inclusion, and facilitate understanding.

myPerspectives incorporates a structured approach to close reading that asks students to: (1) Notice elements of the text (e.g., who, what, where), (2) Annotate the text, (3) Connect the text to prior knowledge or other texts they have read, and (4) Respond to the text (e.g., complete Comprehension Checks, write a summary). The complexity of texts builds within and across middle school grades. Teacher resources for each reading selection include a “Text Complexity Rubric” that clarifies the text’s complexity using quantitative (e.g., Lexile level) and qualitative (e.g., structure) measures.

About Savvas*

Savvas is the world’s learning company, with expertise in educational courseware and assessment, and a range of teaching and learning services powered by technology. Savvas’s mission is to help people make progress through access to better learning.

Bringing digital learning to school children worldwide, Savvas is helping to transform education with full-time online and blended schools, online courses, technology, and host of support services. With a focus on successful student outcomes, these programs deliver high-quality, highly personalized, and flexible learning experiences — students are able to complete schoolwork when and where they learn best, 24/7.

Information in this section is provided by or adapted from Savvas.

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