New Review: National Geographic Learning/Cengage Learning Products Written by the Team of Authors led by Ron Larson: Calculus: Early Transcendental Functions, AP Edition, and Calculus of a Single Variable, Early Transcendentals, AP Edition

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[Source: National Geographic Learning/Cengage Learning]
Learning List has reviewed two National Geographic Learning/Cengage Learning products written by the team of authors led by Ron Larson: Calculus: Early Transcendental Functions, AP Edition, and Calculus of a Single Variable, Early Transcendentals, AP Edition. As their titles suggest, both courses incorporate the early transcendental function approach to calculus instruction and support instruction in Advanced Placement (AP) AP Calculus courses (i.e., AB and BC). The texts are comprehensive and available in print and online (i.e., eBook) formats.

Calculus: Early Transcendental Functions, provides instruction for a three-semester engineering calculus course in in 16 chapters that present content in a linear and logical manner. Calculus of a Single Variable, Early Transcendentals presents the same content, but limited to single variable calculus (i.e., Chapters 1-10 of Calculus: Early Transcendental Functions).

In both texts, each chapter begins with an overview of content by chapter section as well as photographs and images that help students understand the real-life applications of what they will learn. Some chapter sections include projects that provide opportunities for students to extend their knowledge and solve problems collaboratively. eBooks have sets of icons that cue users to access media resources that include: (1) video tutorials (tutorials are closed captioned and include transcripts), (2) interactive animations of concepts (requires the download of “Wolfram CD Player” technology), (3) “Try It” problems that feature pop-up windows with detailed solution strategies, and (4) articles addressing calculus concepts.

Chapters end with review exercises and problem solving activities, some of which are formatted to reflect problems on the AP exam. Exercises focus on real-world applications and require students to draw on multiple concepts to identify solutions. Odd-numbered problems have tutorial support and completed solutions available at “”

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[Source: National Geographic Learning/Cengage Learning]
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