New AP Curriculum Review: McGraw Hill’s (Silberberg) Chemistry: The Molecular Nature of Matter and Change, 7th Edition

McGraw Hill's Silberberg ChemistryLearning List has reviewed McGraw Hill’s (Silberberg) Chemistry: The Molecular Nature of Matter and Change, 7th Edition.  This comprehensive resource supports instruction in high school Advanced Placement (AP) Chemistry courses. Content is available in print and digital formats with additional online resources. Instruction emphasizes problem solving and the process and contemporary applications of chemistry, including advances in computing.

The text features vivid photographs and illustrations to support understanding. “Macroscopic-to-microscopic” illustrations combine a photograph of a chemical event (e.g., aqueous ionic reaction) with an illustration of the event at the microscopic molecular level and include the symbolic representation of the event. Frequent sample problems are provided. Sample problems have step-by-step solutions that demonstrate the plansolvecheck approach and include “Follow-Up” practice problems. Some sample problems contain illustrations and “Road Map” tips (e.g., “103mL = 1L”) to help students better understand the solution strategy.

Chapters contain “Tools of the Laboratory” and “Chemical Connections” articles. Tools of the Laboratory discusses tools, techniques, and procedures used in the chemistry lab. Chemical Connections (e.g. Chemical Connections to Environmental Science) provide the the connection between chemistry and other fields of study. Course eBooks have highlighting, bookmarking, and note taking tools. Additional online resources for Silberberg Chemistry include SmartBook adaptive reading materials, and ONnboard and SCOREboard adaptive tools that help students prepare for the course and the AP exam.

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