New Review: Compass Learning’s Pathblazer

[Source: Compass Learning]
[Source: Compass Learning]
Compass Learning’s Pathblazer is a supplemental online program that supports intervention and remediation in English language arts/reading (ELAR) and mathematics across grades K-8. Adaptive screening and diagnostic tools identify individual student’s learning gaps and prescribe a customized plan that addresses gaps and moves students toward on-grade level instruction. Learning List has reviewed Pathblazer’s ELAR resources for middle school students (i.e., grades 6-8).

Pathblazer uses an “Initial Screener” and a “Proficiency-Level Diagnostic” to identify each student’s learning needs. Based on combined assessment results, students are prescribed an individualized, standards-based instructional path that addresses gaps, accelerates learning, and moves students toward on-grade level instruction. Learning paths are made up of thematic, text-based lessons designed to build students’ vocabulary, fluency, reading comprehension, and writing skills.

Lessons are engaging and balance entertaining instruction with high-quality content. Direct instruction is provided through animated, interactive videos that clarify learning objectives, vocabulary, and literary terms and devices. Instruction focuses on building foundational skills and reading fluency and includes frequent quizzes that check for understanding.

About Compass Learning*

Compass Learning purpose-builds K–12 learning acceleration software for blended learning, intervention, high school, and inquiry-based personalized learning. Compass® software helps pinpoint and close skill and concept gaps and move students forward academically with:

  • Explicit instruction
  • Supported practice
  • Independent practice
  • Ongoing formative assessment

Compass Learning’s award-winning content is rigorous, yet fun, so students remain engaged and motivated to learn.

* The content in this section is provided by or adapted from Compass Learning

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