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[Source: Baobab Education]
­­ Learning List recently reviewed Baobab Education’s Mathventure—a supplemental, digital resource to help students in grades 3 and 4 develop problem solving strategies.  Content is provided in an interactive eBook that presents engaging, real-world situations which require students to apply mathematical reasoning skills. Digital tools allow students to access tutorials and other resources that help them identify problem-solving strategies independently.­­­­­­­­­­­

Mathventure content is structured in “theme-based problems” and their related “activity sequences.” Problems are organized in age-appropriate and engaging themes (e.g., Take a Vacation) that contains real-world problems that address a situation related to the theme (e.g., Building a Birdhouse with Grandpa). Each theme-based problem is linked to an activity sequence that is made up of several problems addressing the same concept(s) (e.g., reading mixed numbers).

Teachers may choose to start with theme-based problems and use activity sequences as additional support or as a check for understanding. Alternatively, teachers may use the activity sequence as an introduction to concepts and then use theme-based problems as the check for understanding. Throughout problems students have access to interactive buttons that provide support.

About Baobab Education*

[Source: Baobab Education]
Baobab Education provides education consulting services that can fit your needs and requirements. Baobab Education does more than create great products—we can also collaborate with you and turn your project into a success story.

Baobab Education’s consultants have been providing teacher training around the world for more than 20 years. In North America and Africa, for example, we have hosted hundreds of workshops in education at conventions and schools, as well as provided training for private and public companies.

Whether you’re dealing with students in the public or private school sectors, students working at home, special-needs students who don’t necessarily fit within a traditional teaching infrastructure, or students who are looking for an extra teaching aid, Baobab Education offers amazing, interactive eBooks for the iPad, Mac and iPhone. Our eBooks’ interactive elements include animation, drawing pads, video, audio and reviews. Best of all, once downloaded, no internet connection is needed.

*The content in this section is provided by or adapted from Baobab Education.

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