New Product: Teaching Strategies LLC’s The Creative Curriculum® for Texas

Are your teachers looking for pre-k materials that address unique topics and investigations? Take a look at Learning List’s review of Teaching Strategies LLC’s The Creative Curriculum® for Texas.

Teaching Strategies LLC’s The Creative Curriculum® for Texas is a comprehensive program for prekindergarten. The program provides learning experiences centered on topic-based investigations and focus questions. The curriculum is designed to support development of the whole child.

The material is designed using investigations with topics, such as boxes and wheels. Designing instruction around investigations supports critical and creative thinking. The investigations help students form connections across content areas and key concepts. They also encourage students to ask and answer questions. Those connections and “Wow” experiences, such as field trips and community connections, contribute to the program’s rigor and relevance.

Lessons and activities are developmentally appropriate. They support academic and language development the development of thinking and process skills, as well as social and emotional development. The program includes adaptions to support specific learning needs. The material is available in English and Spanish, which enables teachers to provide equivalent instruction in both languages.

Read Learning List’s full editorial review to learn more about the degree to which the assessments provided by the material match the Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines.

In addition to the editorial review, Learning List has completed a review of the material’s technology compatibility.  To learn more about this product and thousands more PreK-12 instructional materials, contact Learning List for subscription information.

About Teaching Strategies, LLC*

“For 40 years, Teaching Strategies has provided early childhood educators with innovative, research-proven, effective resources to help build a strong foundation.”

Teaching Strategies has five core values: innovative, responsive, collaborative, respectful, and ethical.

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