New Product Review: Perfection Learning’s Benson Handwriting with Reading and Language Arts

Perfection Learning’s Benson Handwriting with Reading and Language Arts is a comprehensive handwriting product for students in grades K-5. Core content is available in print format and includes software-based and online resources. This review is of print materials only. Handwriting instruction emphasizes fluency and legibility. Students learn to print in grades K and 1, and to use cursive in grades 2 and 3. At grades 4 and 5, students apply handwriting skills in tasks related to English language arts and reading (ELAR). Learning List also reviewed Benson Escritura, the Spanish-language version of Benson Handwriting.

Benson Handwriting organizes content in grades K-3 in units that group letters based on the strokes used to form the letters. For example, in grades K and 1, the printed letters L, I, T, and F are grouped in a unit because they begin with same pencil stroke. Students transition from print to cursive in grade 2. Workbooks at grades 4 and 5 revisit handwriting basics (e.g., letter and number formation), but most instruction is delivered in lessons that address ELAR/SLAR content such as root words, subject/verb agreement, and approaches to text structure (e.g., compare/contrast). [Read more…]

Student materials at each grade level are presented in consumable workbooks. K-2 workbooks are formatted in landscape to help young writers place the paper and develop correct posture. At each grade level, workbooks include an overview of the alphabet (i.e., letters in context), and guidance in holding the pencil for left- and right-handed students. Workbook formatting includes colored guidelines, shading, and other features to help students place, size, and control letters and numbers. A “Letterman” character visually guides students in forming each letter with numbered arrows designating the placement and movement of pencil strokes.

About Perfection Learning*

For over 90 years, Perfection Learning® has been a leader in literature and language arts programs for grades 6-12. These programs cover the complete range of language arts skills and course areas with both textbooks and supplemental programs. Innovative, inquiry-based literature programs provide cost-effective solutions for teaching close reading and writing, developing critical thinking skills, and building literacy engagement—all while incorporating the demands of state standards. Grades K-8 reading/language arts solutions include hybrid print/digital handwriting and spelling programs, supplemental middle school literature programs, and intervention programs in reading and math.

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