New Curriculum Review: Pacific Learning’s CSI Literacy

Pacific Learning's CSI Literacy KitLearning List has reviewed Pacific Learning’s CSI Literacy for grades 7 and 8. CSI Literacy is supplemental product that supports literacy development in grades 3-8. Content is available in print and online formats and includes digital resources (i.e., USB drives). Instruction emphasizes the development of close reading skills and the comprehension of complex texts. Resources support instruction in blended learning environments.[Read more…]

At grades 7 and 8, CSI Literacy presents content in five introductory lessons and 40 text-based lessons organized in terms of English language arts (24 lessons), social studies (8 lessons), and science (8 lessons). For each subject area, content is presented in a separate “Cooperative Learning Activities” student text and an associated teacher “Lesson Plan Book.”

Text-based lessons begin by clarifying the purpose of instruction (e.g., determine important ideas) and organize learning activities in four sections:

  1. Prior to reading,
  2. Interacting with the text,
  3. Reflecting on the text, and a
  4. Writing activity.

Each Cooperative Learning Activities book has a glossary and a list of reading comprehension strategies. A “Student Reflection Journal” contains guidance in using and combining close reading strategies.

About Pacific Learning*

Pacific Learning has been a dedicated provider of PreK–8+ literacy solutions since 1999. Pacific Learning’s supplemental resources are research-based and designed to increase instructional excellence and student achievement. Pacific Learning supports the needs of school and district administrators, literacy coaches, and teachers. They understand that needs vary from school to school and from student to student. So they treat each customer as an individual and work closely to understand and support the different needs.

Information in this section is provided by or adapted from Pacific Learning.

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