New Product Review: NSF C5 Project AP CSP Cyber Supplemental

NSF C5 Project's AP CSP Cyber SupplementalLearning List has reviewed NSF (National Science Foundation) C5 Project’s AP CSP Cyber Supplemental. This is a supplemental product that supports instruction in Advanced Placement (AP) Computer Science Principles (CSP) courses. Content is available online. Course resources are made up of downloadable PowerPoint lecture slides and downloadable lab activities and assessments in Word format. Instruction addresses the cybersecurity-related learning objectives and essential knowledge statements of the College Board’s course framework for AP Computer Science Principles. [Read more…]

CSP Cyber Supplemental content is organized in seven modules that may be downloaded separately from the C5 site.  Modules address: (1) Applied Cryptography, (2) Secure Scripting, (3) Responsible Software Development, (4) Cybersecurity Principles, (5) Cybersecurity and Society, (6) Securing Risky Data, and (7) Cyber Threats and Countermeasures. Each module is made up of several units addressing related topics. Core content for each unit is presented in a PowerPoint presentation and a lab activity.

For each module, teachers have an overview document that provides learning objectives, pacing information, and references to the AP Computer Science Principles big ideas, learning objectives, and essential knowledge statements addressed by instruction.

*About the NSF C5 Project

The C5 project is bringing together computer science faculty and cybersecurity educators to develop new course content that integrates the two disciplines.

Created with the needs of our nation’s 1,100-plus community colleges in mind, C5’s contemporary cybersecurity content consists of modules that can be seamlessly incorporated into existing computing courses or bundled together to create an introductory cybersecurity-infused computer science course. The initial modules include but are not limited to applied cryptography, secure scripting, and responsible software development.

*Information in this section is provided by or adapted from the C5 Project.

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