New Product Review: Matific Math Learning Platform

Learning List has reviewed Matific Math Learning Platform, which is a supplemental online product that supports mathematics instruction in grades K-6. Content addresses a variety of standards, including the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills and the Common Core State Standards. Instruction is presented in adaptive “episodes” (i.e., learning games) that help students discover mathematics concepts independently.

At each grade level, Matific presents instruction in interactive games and simulations. Each activity is linked to a grade and concept (e.g., grade 3, division), as well as a variety of learning standards. Teachers may select the relevant standards (e.g., TEKS) using a drop-down menu. Most activities include guidance for students in how to complete learning tasks. When guidance is text-based, an audio reader is provided. [Read more…]

Games are interactive and allow students to explore concepts. A sound indicates when student have completed the activity correctly/incorrectly. After several incorrect responses, Matific provides corrective feedback that demonstrates how to obtain the correct answer. Students earn stars for the activities they successfully complete and the program identifies “Class Leaders” in stars earned.

About Matific*

Matific is an international company that has developed an online math teaching tool for years K-6 that supports and enhances existing math curricula Matific provides students with the opportunity to explore hands on rich virtual environments by creating practical scenarios and giving students a chance to manipulate familiar objects. Matific engages students in a way that bridges abstract math concepts in the classroom with daily events they experience in the real world.

*Information in this section is provided by or adapted from Matific.

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