New Product Review: Learning Farm

Learning Farm is a supplemental online program that provides instruction and adaptive practice activities that address specific Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) in mathematics, English language arts/reading, and science for students in grades K-8. Instruction is presented in interactive learning activities that support independent practice, review, and preparation for standardized tests. Learning List recently reviewed mathematics resources for grades 3-5.

Learning Farm’s content is organized in “Topics” (e.g., place value, area) that address specific TEKS (e.g., 3.2.A, 3.6.C) and are grouped in terms of TEKS reporting categories (e.g., Numbers and Operations, Geometry and Measurement). Each topic has an optional short lesson that explains concepts using text, mathematical tools (e.g., number lines), and visual models. Lessons include a set of practice questions that students complete independently. [Read more…]

Core instruction is provided in “Test” or “Game” modes. Content is the same in each mode. In Game mode, students are rewarded with games for correct answers. Instruction is adaptive. When students answer incorrectly, Learning Farm presents additional problems similar to the one the student missed until mastery is achieved. Students who continue to struggle are directed to a lower-level “helper topic” designed to provide remediation and support. An icon depicting a lifesaver in online class rosters cues teachers to students completing helper topics.

About Learning Farm*

Learning Farm’s mission is to create cutting edge educational software products that are easy to use, engaging to students, affordable for schools, and ultimately improve students’ educational outcomes.

Learning Farm has developed these three core beliefs:

Student Focused – The most effective classroom resources are designed with student usage as the top priority. Simple implementation and ease of use are a must.

Quality Content – The best resources have quality content designed specifically for the curriculum teachers are expected to teach. It is not good enough to piece together content from multiple sources and align it to standards. To be most effective, the content must be designed and presented specifically based on the realities of today’s rigorous standards and assessments.

Affordable – Education companies spend too much time and money on sales and marketing which is bad for schools. In most cases, too much money and focus are devoted to sales and marketing and not enough on product research, development, and quality.

*Information in this section is provided by or adapted from Learning Farm.

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