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Imagine Language & Literacy

Learning List has updated the original reviews of Imagine Language & Literacy. Learning List’s review process enables publishers to submit content updates and updates to their product data or technology infrastructure for re-review when substantive changes have been made. Imagine Learning submitted updates to content in Fall of 2018 and Learning List’s alignment reports have been updated to reflect new citations and updated alignment percentages.

Imagine Learning’s Imagine Language & Literacy is a program of digital tutorials that supports the development of language and literacy skills for students in grades PreK-6. The supplemental program uses assessment and performance data to customize instruction for individual students. Its highly visual lessons are designed to engage struggling readers, English learners, and early elementary students. Learning List recently reviewed resources for grades K-5. [Read more…]

Imagine Language & Literacy develops students’ literacy and language skills across strands that include reading, vocabulary, grammar, spelling, speaking, and listening. The program’s interactive tutorials incorporate games, cartoon characters, and videos of students in authentic situations (e.g., struggling to answer a question about a text). The sequence and pace of instruction is customized for each student based on pre-tests and performance in prior activities.

Online resources include reporting tools that allow teachers and administrators to monitor individual and class progress. Reports are printable (i.e., PDF) and track students’ progress through the curriculum, including their assessment scores, mastery of standards, and growth over time. Educators who provided feedback about Imagine Language & Literacy for this review highlighted the program’s reporting features as a key strength of the program, explaining that reports enabled them to rapidly identify students who are struggling with a particular concept or skill and to provide targeted intervention.

About Imagine Learning*

Imagine Learning was founded in 2004 by a small group of educational and software professionals who saw a growing need for language and literacy solutions. In 2006, Imagine Learning acquired Think Through Math (TTM). Through this acquisition, Imagine Learning is poised to fill a critical need for innovative and adaptive language, literacy, and math solutions in the K–12 space. As supplemental curricula, Imagine Language & Literacy and Think Through Math are data-driven, research-based programs that engage, challenge, and monitor students for lasting academic gains. Both programs also feature standards-based content for students at multiple grade levels.

*Information in the section is provided by or adapted from Imagine Learning.


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