New Product Review: Heinemann Primary Comprehension Toolkit

Heinemann’s Primary Comprehension Toolkit is a supplemental product that supports active reading of informational texts in grades K-2. Materials are available in print only. Learning List recently reviewed resources for grades K-2. The Toolkit strives to develop active learners and responsive teachers. Instruction focuses on developing the skills to help young students understand nonfiction texts and retain what they read. Content is not grade specific. Primary Comprehension Toolkit resources may be used across grades K-2.

The Comprehension Toolkit uses the Gradual Release of Responsibility (GRR) instructional model to support reading instruction in elementary classrooms. In the GRR model, teachers model skills and strategies first and then students practice skills and strategies in guided, collaborative, and independent activities. Toolkit content is organized in 34 cross-curricular lessons that integrate topics from math and science. Lessons are presented in seven separate teacher resources. [Read more…]

Twenty-two lessons are organized in six books, each of which addresses a specific “Strategy Cluster” for reading nonfiction texts. Strategy Clusters include: (1) Monitor Comprehension, (2) Activate and Connect [to prior learning], (3) Ask Questions, (4) Infer & Visualize, (5) Determine Importance, and (6) Summarize and Synthesize. The remaining 12 lessons are contained in a “Content Literacy” book that builds on the work students do in strategy lessons. Content Literacy lessons ask students to integrate the strategies and to apply reading skills across content areas.

About Heinemann*

Heinemann is a publisher of professional resources and a provider of educational services for teachers, kindergarten through college. We strive to give voice to those who share our respect for the professionalism and compassion of teachers and who support teachers’ efforts to help children become literate, empathetic, knowledgeable citizens. Our authors are exemplary educators eager to support the practice of other teachers through books, videos, workshops, online courses, and most recently through explicit teaching materials. Our commitment to our work and customers’ enthusiastic response to our offerings has made us the leading publisher in this area.

*Information in this section is provided by or adapted from Heinemann.

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