New Product Review: Forde-Ferrier Ultimate STAAR Math Workbooks

Forde-Ferrier Ultimate STAAR Math WorkbooksForde-Ferrier’s Ultimate STAAR Math Workbooks are supplemental products that supports students in grades 1-8 in preparing for the STAAR mathematics exams. Content is available in print format—consumable student workbooks. Instruction addresses the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) Readiness and Supporting Standards at each grade level. Learning List has reviewed resources for grades 3-5. [Read more…]

At grades 3-5, STAAR Math Workbooks are organized in terms of the grade-level TEKS. Problem sets containing 32 items formatted to reflect the STAAR test are provided for each Readiness Standard within each TEKS Category (e.g., Numerical Representations and Relationships). The Supporting Standards for each Category are bundled and addressed in a single 32-item problem set.

Content is presented simply in black and white with an uncluttered format. Workbook problem sets for groups of Supporting Standards do not identify the Supporting Standard addressed by each item; however, answer keys contain this information. In addition to answer keys, teachers have access to a document that identifies where the Mathematical Process Standards are addressed in the Workbook for each grade level.

About Forde-Ferrier*

Jason Forde and Dagan Ferrier are former teachers in San Antonio. They created Forde-Ferrier, L.L.C in 1998 to provide teachers, students, and parents the most comprehensive educational materials and teaching techniques designed to help all students master the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).

In addition to materials, Forde-Ferrier also continually improves its instructional methods, providing excellent professional development and training in mathematics, reading, writing, and science. These award winning workshops are designed to help teachers understand and effectively teach the essential skills students need to learn to be successful. Teachers leave the workshops confident that they can make sure all students master those skills. Forde and Ferrier have shared their methods with teachers throughout Texas, and their products and services have helped thousands of students achieve the highest levels of success on standardized tests.

*information in this section is provided by or adapted from Forde-Ferrier.

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