New Product Review: ECS Learning Systems STAAR Master Math and STAAR Master Reading

ECS Learning Systems’ STAAR Master Math and STAAR Master Reading are test preparation products designed to prepare Texas students in grades 1-8 for the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) mathematics and reading exams. Content is available in print format. Instruction focuses on problem sets (math) and questions (reading) that address specific Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). Problems and questions are formatted to reflect what students will see on the STAAR exam. Learning List recently reviewed “Student Practice Book” resources for grades 3-5.

Student Practice Books in math are organized in four sections that address each of the TEKS Reporting Categories for mathematics (e.g., Geometry and Measurement, Data Analysis and Personal Financial Literacy). Each section begins with the full text of the TEKS for the Category and whether the standard is a Readiness or Supporting Standard. Subsequent content is made up of practice exercises formatted to reflect what students will see on the STAAR exam (i.e., multiple-choice responses).  Each exercise includes the text of the TEKS addressed by the problem set and each problem in the set references the specific TEKS it addresses. [Read more…]

Reading Student Practice Books present a variety of short informational and literary texts followed by multiple choice-questions that assess students’ ability to read and understand texts. Questions address vocabulary, knowledge of language conventions, media literacy, ability to locate and use text-based information, and so on. Each question references the TEKS and reading skill (e.g., inference) it addresses and includes a label reflecting its level of complexity (i.e., low [L], medium [M], and high [H]).

About ECS Learning Systems*

As a leading publisher of state-specific test-prep materials, ECS is pioneering the concept of Integrated Test Prep. This approach encompasses six essential stages of test preparation: diagnose, teach, practice, evaluate, remediate, and reinforce. Traditional test-prep programs focus solely on targeted test practice, creating an imbalance that compromises sound teaching practices. With the TestSMART® and STAAR MASTER® series, teachers can embark on a path to Integrated Test Prep. This balanced approach supports a strong curriculum, varied instructional methods, and targeted test practice.

*Information in this section is provided by or adapted from ECS Learning Systems.

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