New Product Review: Davis Publication Communicating through Graphic Design

Davis Publication's Graphic DesignLearning List has reviewed Davis Publication’s Communicating through Graphic Design. This comprehensive product supports instruction in high school graphic design and illustration courses.  Content is available in print and eBook formats and includes additional online components.  Instruction introduces students to concepts in graphic and web design. Topics include design history, publication and advertising concepts. The material also provides connections to history and introduces professionals working in the design field. [Read more…]

Communicating through Graphic Design presents content in two parts. “Part One, The Nuts and Bolts of Graphic Design,” contains two chapters that introduce concepts in graphic design (e.g., What is Graphic Design?).  “Part Two, Graphics Design Challenges,” is comprised of six chapters which address the design process, as well as design types (e.g., Publications Design and Digital Design).  The chapters cover topics such as the history and key principles of design and the arts, as well as practical skills (e.g., simplifying images and organizing print layout). “How to” tutorials and “Case Studies” clarify the real-world applications of what students are learning.

Each chapter concludes with a “Chapter Review” which prompts students to recall, understand, apply, analyze, synthesize and evaluate the chapter’s content.  The text has a “Handbook” with additional resources, such as information on design tools, common terms, career planning and notable people and organizations in the graphic design industry.

About Davis Publications*

Art educators face increasing demands every year. At Davis, our goal is to create resources that are flexible enough to meet every teacher’s needs. Whether your school is emphasizing theme-based learning, big ideas, essential questions, connections to language arts, STEM, Common Core State Standards, or state and national standards—all Davis programs are designed to provide you with the resources you need to support and supplement your curriculum.

We know how art educators teach—with a wide variety of projects, lessons, and resources. All of Davis’s core textbook programs are written by experienced and creative art educators who provide a wealth of ideas, fine art images, and studio experiences to enhance your instruction.


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