New Product Review: Blue Pelican Math Algebra I

New Review: Blue Pelican MathLearning List has reviewed Blue Pelican Math’s Algebra I course. This comprehensive product supports teacher-led instruction and independent study for students in Algebra I. Content is available in print and online formats. Instruction emphasizes paper-and-pencil problem solving and includes web-based videos in which author Charles Cook explains concepts and demonstrates problem solving strategies.  [Read more…]

Blue Pelican Algebra I content is presented in two semesters and organized in units and daily lessons. Daily lesson resources for each semester are provided in three versions: (1) teacher version, (2), absent-student version, and (3) regular student version. Each version begins with a detailed syllabus that lists the topic of each unit and lesson. The teacher version includes notes to support instruction and modeling solution strategies as well as answer keys. The absent student version includes the same teaching notes and solutions strategies as in the teacher version but does not include answer keys. The regular student version includes space for taking notes during teacher-led instruction and modeling.

Lessons are designed to be completed in a single class period and include direct instruction and guided and independent practice. Each lesson includes a video in which author Charles Cook provides direct instruction and demonstrations of problem solving strategies. Videos may be integrated into daily instruction and/or used to guide teachers in planning their own instruction and modeling. Videos also support absent students, independent study, and review.

About Blue Pelican Math*

Charles Cook, author of the Blue Pelican Math curriculum, is a high school teacher with a proven track record of success in both the class room and publishing.  A passion for teaching advanced mathematics and a clear vision of both its content and presentation shapes Cook’s curriculum.

A quick look at this curriculum reveals that it definitely was not created by a committee: it discards the traditional approach of bloated, politically correct textbooks and opts for day-by-day lessons that are actually ‘doable’ in a single day. Cook has carefully crafted lessons so as to cover all required topics in a single school year.

*Information in this section is provided by or adapted from Blue Pelican Math.

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