New Product Review: Amazon TenMarks Math

TenMarksAmazon’s TenMarks Math is a comprehensive online product that supports mathematics instruction in grades K-12. Content addresses the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and the California CCSS. TenMarks Math includes interactive whiteboard (IWB) lessons, inquiry-based learning games (i.e., “Labs”), practice assignments, and short video tutorials on specific concepts. Learning List recently reviewed of materials for kindergarten. [Read more…]

TenMarks Math provides scaffolded teacher-led instruction and independent practice to help students master the CCSS at each grade level. Content is organized by grade level and CCSS domain (e.g., Counting & Cardinality) and includes direct instruction and independent student practice activities. Content is customizable and supports personalized learning, data-driven instruction, and intervention for struggling students.

Colorful visual models of concepts and simulations of problem-solving strategies are used across instruction. Teaching notes have questions to guide students’ thinking and their answers, a discussion of common student misconceptions, strategies for differentiation, and activities to extend learning. Teaching notes may be printed. Teachers also have access to a “Concept Trajectory” tool that illustrates how prerequisite standards and the standards currently being taught relate to one another and scaffold learning

About TenMarks*

TenMarks, an Amazon company, provides solutions to personalize learning and help every student reach his or her potential. Created and led by educators and technologists, TenMarks has built Amazon’s CoDIE award-winning math program (TenMarks Math) and an engaging solution to help find the writer in every student (TenMarks Writing).

*Information in this section is provided by or adapted from TenMarks.

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