New Product Review: Algebra I Mini Interventions: Linear Equations and Inequalities

Learning List has reviewed Region 13 Education Service Center’s Algebra I Mini Interventions: Linear Equations and Inequalities. This is a supplemental product that helps teachers understand and teach the student expectations (SEs) added to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for Algebra I in 2012. Instruction addresses only that content added to the “Linear Equations, Functions, and Inequalities” strand of the TEKS. Content is available in interactive PDF format and may be printed. [Read more…]

Mini Interventions provides an overview of the structure of the TEKS, including content standards and the Mathematical Process Standards, and then introduces each of the new student expectations (SEs) added in 2012. Each new SE, or “targeted standard,” is discussed in a chapter that is organized in six sections designed to help teachers prepare for instruction; teach the new standards; re-teach, where appropriate; and assess mastery of the standards. Instruction emphasizes spiraling (i.e., weaving in) supporting content from prior grade levels and existing Algebra I standards

Formative Pre- and Post-Assessments are provided for each of the Algebra I SEs addressed by Mini Interventions. Assessments are made up of open-ended questions and include answer keys that reference the SE assessed by each question.

About Algebra I Mini Interventions: Linear Equations and Inequalities* 

Algebra I Mini Interventions: Linear Equations and Inequalities was produced by Virginia Keasler, an Education Specialist for Secondary Mathematics at Region 13. Virginia has experience with teaching all high school math courses. Virginia also has been a district Math and Science Coordinator and a Middle School Math Instructional Coach. In her work with high school math teachers across the state, Virginia noticed that intervention tools were greatly needed. While K-8 schools may have intervention teachers, this is a rarity in high school. In an effort to provide high school teachers with much needed resources for intervention to close the gap for their Algebra 1 students, Virginia has created the intervention tool Algebra 1 Mini-Interventions.

*Information in this section is provided by or adapted from Region 13.

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