New Product Review: Accelerate Learning STEMscopes

Accelerate Learning's STEMscopesAccelerate Learning’s STEMscopes is a comprehensive product that supports science instruction in grades PK-12. Content is available in print and digital formats and includes kits of hands-on materials for each K-5 grade level and middle school and high school course (e.g., physical science). Instruction provides hands-on investigations, activities that link science to other content areas, and collaborative learning experiences. Learning List recently reviewed resources for K-12. [Read more…]

Instruction is presented using the 5E model (i.e., engage, explore, explain, elaborate, and evaluate) and integrates the three dimensions (i.e., Disciplinary Core Ideas, Science and Engineering practices, and Crosscutting Connections) of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

Each “E” of the 5E model is made up of a set of activities that incorporate teacher-led instruction and independent student work. Engage activities prompt students to recall relevant prior learning and frame new content and its real-world applications. Explore is made up of a set of open-ended, inquiry-based activities that allow students to directly experience phenomena and require students to think like scientists and design solutions. Explain activities focus on building scientific vocabulary and students’ ability to explain scientific concepts in spoken and written formats. Elaborate extends connections between science to other content areas, including mathematics and science-related careers. Evaluate incorporates traditional (e.g., quizzes) and performance-based assessment tasks.

About Accelerate Learning*

Accelerate Learning, in conjunction with Rice University, has created the most widely used PreK-12 science curriculum in Texas, STEMscopesTM — and it’s now available nationally. It’s the teachers’ favorite science program and now serves more than 3.5M students.

STEMscopes is a digital science solution for PreK through 12th grade students offering three core curriculum programs, STEMscopes K-12, STEMscopes NGSS, and STEMscopes Early Explorer. Born from the lab and penned by the hands of expert teachers, STEMscopes has always had its ear to the ground, taking in feedback, best practices, and the latest pedagogy to develop the most effective STEM curriculum. Each curriculum is supported by STEMcoach, a professional development portfolio offering a free STEM community that allows teachers to share best practices and lessons while learning from experts in the field, embedded professional development within the program, and onsite launch, advanced & coaching and mentoring sessions.

*Information in this section is provided by or adapted from Accelerate Learning.

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