New Product Review: 3P Learning Mathletics

3P Learning Mathletics3P Learning’s Mathletics is a supplemental product that supports intervention and enrichment in mathematics for students in grades K-12. Content is available online and includes some printable resources. Instruction is personalized for individual students and includes interactive learning activities that target specific standards and learning needs. Learning List recently reviewed resources for grades K-6. [Read more…]

Mathletics content is presented in activities organized by topics, such as numbers and operations, algebraic reasoning, geometry, measurement, and data analysis. At grades 1-6, topics include reviews of prior content. Activities are interactive and presented in a game-like format. Each activity includes ten questions or problems, and provides supports, including hints and examples, audio readers, and corrective feedback. Animated characters help to personalize students’ learning experiences, and online tools allow students to monitor their progress.

In addition to activities, Mathletics also provides learning games that address topic content. “Live Mathletics” allows students to compete in real-time math games with students in their class and school, as well as other states and countries. Other resources include animated music videos that help students learn multiplication tables and “Concept Search” and “Animated Maths Dictionary.”

About 3P Learning*

3P Learning is a global leader in online education. Its programs cover mathematics, spelling, literacy, reading and science. We’re a global team of passionate education and technology gurus. All of its e-learning programs are designed by educators and educational technologists – in partnership with schools and families. 3P Learning creates resources that are fully aligned with over a dozen international curricula.

Information in this section is adapted from or provided by 3P Learning.

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