New Product: National Geographic/Cengage Learning’s Big Ideas Integrated Math for CCSS

Is your district in need of a new material for integrated high school math courses? Take a look at Learning List’s reviews of National Geographic Learning/Cengage Learning’s Big Ideas Integrated Math.

Big Ideas Integrated Math is a comprehensive high school math program, available in print and digital formats.  The design of the material is consistent with the Common Core’s Integrated Pathways and is provided in three levels. Each of the three courses integrates instruction in algebra, geometry, probability, and statistics at increasingly complex levels. Big Ideas Integrated Mathorganizes instruction around major topics in mathematics, such as solving linear equations or parallel and perpendicular lines.

Learning List’s editorial reviewers were impressed by the material’s use of essential questions and performance tasks to connect each new mathematical concept to a real-world situation or problem. They also noted the material’s numerous resources for differentiating instruction to support all students, including separate, differentiated lessons to present the material in a more concrete manner for students who benefit from reteaching.

Learning List’s alignment reports reveal how well the Standards for Mathematical Practices are integrated throughout the material.  

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About National Geographic Learning/Cengage Learning*

National Geographic Learning, part of Cengage Learning, believes education is one of the great transformative forces of this century. Among the company’s goals is to help learners and teachers to achieve personal success and be better citizens of the 21st century. National Geographic Learning/Cengage Learning wants teachers and their students to experience the excitement and joy of learning, and to bring their classroom to life. Their mission is to inspire students to learn and acquire the skills they need to be successful in their careers or educational experiences, as well as to become lifelong caretakers of the planet.

*Information in this section is provided by or adapted from National Geographic Learning/Cengage Learning.

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