New Curriculum Review: Amplify Texas Elementary Literacy Program

Are you looking for new ELA materials for K-5? Take a look at Learning List’s review of Amplify Texas Elementary Literacy Program.

Amplify’s Texas Elementary Literacy Program is a comprehensive program that supports English language arts instruction for Pre-kindergarten-grade 8. Learning List recently reviewed the materials for K-5 which the Texas Education Agency has made available to Texas school districts and charter schools at no charge.

Amplify intends to provide students with a strong skills foundation, knowledge of a variety of topics, and relevant, challenging texts. In grades K-2, Skills units provide systematic, explicit foundational skills instruction, which includes decodable readers. Additionally, in grades K-5, Knowledge units intend for students to apply English Language Arts skills as they learn about topics. Texts are provided at varying levels of rigor and complexity and all students read the same texts. Students may find some of the texts conceptually challenging and excessively long. For example, the Skills reader at the end of grade 2 focuses on the War of 1812 and is over 100 pages long. Materials do not include leveled readers or support for guided reading.

Across grades K-5, students write for a variety of purposes, both formal and informal. Typically, all students respond to the same prompt. Skills lessons about grammar and mechanics are provided as separate lessons or as a separate part of a lesson.

Each unit includes multiple student and teacher materials, many of which exceed 200 pages in length. There are no preprinted materials. Student materials must be used digitally via fillable PDFs or must be printed. Supports for teachers include a “Lesson Plan Internalization” document which provides a step-by-step process for reading and understanding the lesson, as well as heavily scripted lessons with comprehensive teacher guidance. Many lessons require teachers to create materials and purchase or acquire additional reading material for students.

Read Learning List’s three reviews to learn more about this material. Read our Editorial Review to learn more about the material’s instructional quality including its supports for students with specific learning needs and selection of texts. Our alignment reports provide a detailed analysis of the material’s alignment to the TEKS and identify the material’s gaps in each grade level. The Spec Sheet reviews provide a review of the program’s technology compatibility and support for remote learning.  To learn more about this product and thousands more PreK-12 instructional materials, contact Learning List for subscription information.

About Amplify*

Amplify strives to “lead the way in high-quality, next-generation curricula and assessments.”  Amplify serves 15 million students in all 50 states. The company provides programs in ELA, math, and science, with the goal of “helping teachers provide the targeted instruction students need.”

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