New Curriculum Review: Amplify Texas Elementary Literacy Program

Amplify Education Texas Elementary Literacy Curriculum Review

Are you looking for new ELA materials for K-5? Take a look at Learning List’s review of Amplify Texas Elementary Literacy Program.

Amplify’s Texas Elementary Literacy Program is a comprehensive program that supports English language arts instruction for Pre-kindergarten-grade 8. Learning List recently reviewed the materials for K-5 which the Texas Education Agency has made available to Texas school districts and charter schools at no charge.

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New Curriculum Review: McGraw Hill’s Actively Learn

Are you looking for supplemental reading material for your students? Take a look at Learning List’s review of McGraw Hill’s Actively Learn.

McGraw Hill’s Actively Learn is a fully digital, supplemental program for grades 3-12 that supports English Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science. Learning List recently reviewed the content for English Language Arts. The program is designed to help students improve reading comprehension by providing engaging reading materials, questions, and activities to support learning.

The program intends to drive learning, engagement, and equity with interactive content that includes more than 20,000 texts in English, with translation support for additional languages. Students also have access to numerous accessibility tools to support students with specific learning needs.  

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New Review: McGraw Hill’s Achieve3000 Literacy

Would your students benefit from a digital program with cross-curricular content to support literacy development? Take a look at Learning List’s review of McGraw Hill’s Achieve3000 Literacy.

Achieve3000 Literacy is a fully digital, supplemental literacy program for grades 2-12. Students work through language arts, science, and social studies content to develop reading skills and comprehension. The program is adaptive and intends to provide reading content and practice of literacy skills at each student’s individual level.

The program assigns student levels based on initial and ongoing assessment. The adaptive nature of the material enables students across reading levels to all read the same content at their individual reading levels. The content provided is primarily informational texts.

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New Review: Sadlier’s From Phonics to Reading

Are you searching for instructional materials to support foundational skills instruction? Take a look at Learning List’s review of Sadlier’s From Phonics to Reading.

Sadlier’s From Phonics to Reading is a comprehensive phonics program, intended to supplement literacy instruction in Grades K-3. The core instructional material consists of teacher and student books, available in print or eBook format, and additional digital materials provided on the program platform.

The goal of the program is to support students as they become readers by providing explicit and systematic foundational skills instruction. The material provides explicit and systematic phonics instruction reflective of the Science of Teaching Reading. It employs consistent instructional routines and lesson sequences, beginning with alphabetic knowledge and progressing to more advanced foundational reading skills, such as encoding, compound words, and suffixes and prefixes.

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New Curriculum Review: Accelerate Learning’s STEMscopes Math Grades 6-Algebra I CCSS

Accelerate Learning's STEMScopes Math

Does your district need math materials to support critical thinking in math? Take a look at Learning List’s review of Accelerate Learning’s STEMscopes Math.

Accelerate Learning’s STEMscopes Math is a comprehensive mathematics program for grades K-Algebra I. Learning List recently reviewed the content for grades 6-Algebra I for Common Core State Standards. The materials are digital, with the option of printing PDF documents for most program components.

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