It’s Back to School Time!

It seems like school just let out yesterday. “Back to School” sales are everywhere… children are labeling their school supplies, teachers are already in their classrooms preparing for the new school year, and administrators are carefully disaggregating student data. As a teacher and administrator for many years, I know how hard educators work to provide the best instruction possible for their students.

Many wonderful products are out there that will assist you in meeting the educational needs of your students, but how do you know which one is the best for YOUR students? Educators don’t have time, especially at the beginning of the year, to sort through hundreds of catalogs or listen to long sales presentations. So what do you do? Learning List is here to help you quickly find the best instructional materials. No longer do teachers have to be taken out of their classroom to verify that a product’s alignment to the standards is on the mark. Learning List’s team of expert educators does that for you plus provides much information about the product and names of school districts that have used the product. Think of it as Christmas in August for all you educators!

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