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Have you ever purchased K-12 textbooks or online instructional materials that are not well-aligned to the standards? Where are those materials today – on a bookshelf, in a closet, in the district’s warehouse? Selecting new instructional materials or even deciding which existing materials to use in a lesson can be a daunting task.

Learning List was founded 10 years ago to help teachers, instructional coaches, principals, and district curriculum leaders choose high-quality materials and use them most effectively to help students learn.

Once a district or campus subscribes to Learning List, an unlimited number of district or campus staff may have access to the site. This is because Learning List’s reviews and online tools not only inform instructional materials selection decisions, they help educators use their materials to develop standards-aligned lessons, targeted remediation, and personalized tutoring, too.

Principal quote supporting using ESSER funds to invest in a Learning List subscription
  • PLCs use our alignment comparison tool to quickly identify which of their existing materials are aligned to the standards that are included in the unit they are planning
  • Instructional coaches use our alignment reports to coach teachers and write curriculum
Teacher testimonial re selecting high quality instructional materials: Learning list saves time and informs the selection decisions
  • Principals use our reviews and product comparison tools to vet the alignment and quality of materials their teachers have requested  
  • District curriculum staff use our audit tools to identify gaps in their current materials and find new materials, including open educational resources, to fill those gaps.

If you would like to see our full reviews and the tools that make them actionable, contact us to schedule a brief online call. That small investment of time could save your staff and colleagues hours of work and empower them to use the district’s instructional materials strategically to help all students succeed.

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