New Product: Amplify ELA California Edition, Grades 6-8

Does your district need materials to support blended learning? Take a look at Learning List’s review of Amplify ELA California Edition for grades 6-8.

Amplify’s ELA California Edition is a comprehensive literacy program that supports English language arts instruction for PreK-8th grade. Learning List recently reviewed the English language arts content for grades 6-8.  This fully digital program provides a blended learning experience.  

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New Product Review: Investigations 3

Investigations 3

Are your elementary mathematics teachers looking for a multi-faceted product? Take a look at Learning List’s reviews of Savvas’s Investigations 3.

Savvas’s Investigations 3 is a set of comprehensive mathematics materials for students in grades K-5. Materials are available in print or digital formats. This inquiry-based program is designed to help students make sense of mathematical ideas.  Lessons focus on developing mathematical thinking, computational fluency, and mathematical reasoning.

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How Learning List Helps Districts Comply with ESSA’s “Evidence Based” Requirement

A recent report from Curriculum Associates discusses the Every Student Succeeds Act’s (ESSA) requirement that federal education funds be used for evidence-based programs, interventions, and products. “ESSA and Evidence Claims: A Practical Guide to Understanding What ‘Evidence-Based’ Really Means” provides a primer for educators in understanding the four levels of evidence recognized by ESSA (e.g., moderate evidence), the type of study that exemplifies each level (e.g., quasi-experimental), and the five questions educators should ask when evaluating research-based evidence (e.g., “When was the study conducted?”).

One of five questions for evaluating evidence, in particular, caught Learning List’s attention: “Was the study based on current content and standards?”

ESSA assumes that the evidence base for a product, program, or service is based on the state’s current standards, but it is possible that the research is grounded in prior state standards or another state’s standards, altogether. It is the district’s responsibility to vet information to ensure products purchased with federal funds and the evidence supporting the products’ effectiveness are based on the appropriate standards.

A tall order but Learning List can help.

Learning List’s alignment reports clarify which set of standards a product addresses, such as the Common Core State Standards or the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. Our alignment reports evaluate the product’s alignment, determining whether the material fully addresses the content, context, and cognitive demand of each of the relevant standards. Thus, Learning List’s alignment reports provide strong evidence about whether a product is grounded in the relevant standards. [Read more…]

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New Review: College Board’s SpringBoard English Language Arts: California Edition

Learning List has reviewed middle school resources for the College Board’s SpringBoard English Language Arts: California Edition. The comprehensive program is designed for students in grades 6-12 and is available in print and digital formats. Courses have a consistent structure and focus on developing English language arts skills through active learning. At each grade level, instruction emphasizes the development of the knowledge and skills needed for rigorous coursework, including Advanced Placement (AP) courses… [read more]

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