New Review: Wiley Publishing’s AP Calculus, 11th Edition

Learning List has reviewed Wiley Publishing’s Calculus, 11th Edition. This comprehensive calculus product supports instruction in Advanced Placement (AP) Calculus AB and AP Calculus BC courses. Resources are available in print and eBook formats and additional online instructional materials are available from Wiley.

Content is presented in 15 chapters that address limits and continuity; derivatives, including graphing and applications; differentiation; integrals, including applications and the principles of evaluating integrals; modeling with differential equations; infinite series; parametric and polar curves; conic sections; vector-valued functions; partial derivatives; multiple integrals; and topics in vector calculus. Appendices include a review of trigonometry and summaries of functions, including families of functions and inverse functions. Additional “Web Appendices” are available online and address additional topics, such as the use of technology (e.g., graphing calculators), selected proofs, and differential equations.

Online resources available at WileyPLUS facilitate teacher-led instruction and student self-study. These include ORION adaptive practice tools, video tutorials, animations, and printable study guides and solutions manuals for each chapter. ORION adaptive software provides a diagnostic assessment that evaluates students’ understanding of chapter content by each objective. Animations and videos demonstrate key concepts (e.g., graphing a piecewise function) with voiceover narration. Study guides summarize and review learning objectives, vocabulary, and key ideas from each chapter and each chapter section. Solutions manuals provide answers to odd-numbered exercises.

About Wiley Publishing*

Wiley’s mission is to help teachers teach and students learn. Wiley maximizes the value of its content by publishing it in all media, notably through WileyPLUS, the online solution which has been used by nearly 1 million students in about 20 nations worldwide. Available in virtually all our disciplines, WileyPLUS courses contain the full online version of the text, plus all of the integrated teaching and learning resources instructors and students need to solve the problems inherent to their courses. Using WileyPLUS, instructors automate the assigning and grading of homework, and build highly visual presentations to engage students. Students complete assignments online with instant feedback as they are working, link directly to specific portions of their online text, and track their own progress in a personal gradebook. Students using WileyPLUS have consistently reported better understanding of material, better performance in class, and greater interest in learning.

Information in this section is provided by or adapted from Wiley Publishing.


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