Districts Get New Title I Flexibility: Learning List Can Help

Recently, Texas Commissioner of Education, Michael Williams advised districts: Texas school districts are no longer required to set aside 20 percent of their Title I federal dollars to provide Supplemental Educational Services (SES) for students at low-performing campuses. A district is now free to use those funds on academic intervention programs it deems most effective for its students. Learning List’s detailed alignment reports help districts easily identify supplemental products that will meet their students’ academic needs.

Three of the Five Largest Texas School Districts Subscribe to Learning List

Following the recent release of the State Board of Education’s adoption list, three of the five largest school districts in Texas have subscribed to Learning List for independent reviews of instructional materials (Austin ISD, Dallas ISD and Northside ISD). Learning List, the industry-leading instructional materials review service for schools and districts, has reviewed the state-adopted materials, as well as many other products not submitted for state adoption in all four core subjects.

Texas State Board of Education Releases State-Adopted List with 405 Science, Math and Technical Applications Products

The State Board of Education today adopted a list of 405 science, math and technical application instructional materials, 303 of which state review panels determined to be 100 percent aligned to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). The remaining 102 state-adopted products are aligned to between 50 and 100 percent of the TEKS. How are you going to review all of the available products to determine which are best for your students? Learning List can help!

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