Learning List and EdReports: Differing Reviews of CCSS-Aligned Mathematics Materials

EdReports recently released their reviews of four publishers’ instructional materials aligned to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for mathematics: Math Learning Center’s Bridges in Mathematics (K-5), McGraw Hill’s Everyday Math (K-6), Kendall Hunt’s Math Innovations (6-8), and Origo’s Stepping Stones (K-5). Reviewing the materials for alignment to the instructional shifts of the CCSS, EdReports found only one material, Bridges in Mathematics, to be fully aligned and sufficiently easy to use. …[read more]

Your Pi Day Joke Du Jour

When I was in middle school, my uncle asked my what I’d learned that day. I answered, “Pi R square.” My uncle, who was a bit unsophisticated answered, “Honey, they are teaching you wrong. Everyone knows pies are round. Corn bread are square.” …[read more]

New Reviews: Cosenza’s STAAR Mission Math (K-8 and Algebra I)

Cosenza & Associates’ STAAR Mission Math is a supplemental, accelerated program to help students master the TEKS and prepare for STAAR math exams in grades K-12. Learning List recently reviewed STAAR Mission Math products for grades 4-8.

New Reviews: Big Ideas High School Math

Big Ideas Learning provides comprehensive courses for Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra II in its Big Ideas Math® series. Courses integrate the Mathematical Process Standards throughout instruction and include support for English language learners and Response to Intervention at each tier.

Teachers Credit Positive Classroom Culture to Bridges in Mathematics

  The Math Learning Center recently released the second edition of Bridges in Mathematics for grades K-5, and Learning List has just reviewed the new set of products.  Bridges is a comprehensive, inquiry-based program that creates a cooperative community of learners in the elementary mathematics classroom by blending teacher-led instruction, structured investigation, and open exploration of math concepts. The Bridges …

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The Road to Singapore Math – Customized for U.S. Students

Since the mid-1990s, Singapore’s students have ranked at the top of international comparisons of mathematics scores on exams such as the TIMSS and PISA. Given this success, many U.S. schools have sought to implement Singapore’s model of math instruction, which focuses on developing a deep understanding of numbers and concepts. To support these efforts, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt worked with Marshall …

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Why States’ Performance on the NAEP May Differ from the State’s Own Assessment Scores

As you may have read, the 2013 National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) results were released this week, showing that nation-wide: For 8th grade: the average math score increased one point and reading score increased three points since 2011. For 4th grade: the average math score increased one point but reading scores remained stagnant. The announcement of the 2103 NAEP …

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