Why Aren’t All Districts Jumping Onto the 1:1 Bandwagon?

One of the ironies we are seeing at Learning List is that although most publishers are selling online instructional materials, most districts still request materials that are also available in print.  Why? These are the three reasons we hear most often: (1)   Schools don’t have the technical infrastructure to enable all students to be online simultaneously; (2)   Teachers are not …

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CEOs Push for Cheaper Broadband for Schools

In this morning’s New York Times, Quentin Hardy reports in the Bits blog on a push by the non-profit group EductaionSuperHighway to change the way the Federal Communications Commission provides broadband to schools.  With the support of 40 executives, including the CEOs of American Express, Dell, Ebay, and Facebook, EducationSuperHighway has written a letter to the FCC demanding greater transparency …

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Proclamation 2014: Online Instructional Materials and the Challenge of Bandwidth

As we noted in a previous post, the Texas Education Agency has indicated that most of the products submitted in response to Proclamation 2014 are online materials. As most educators know, innovative online resources have the power to transform learning; however, they rapidly can become sources of frustration for both teachers and students when inadequate bandwidth, or internet speed,  results …

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