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Helping you save time and avoid costly mistakes

Instructional Materials Review Service

Low-cost subscription service

Access reviews of more than 3,300 PreK-12 materials

3 evidence-based reviews of each material:

  • Alignment Report
  • Instructional Quality Review
  • Technical/Remote Learning Review

Interactive tools to audit, compare, and suggest materials

Selection Toolkit & Facilitation Service

Everything you need for a successful adoption process

Selection Toolkit provides online documents and automation tools to streamline any instructional material review process

Selection Facilitation Service offers one-on-one guidance and support for any PreK-12 adoption process

Online professional learning includes a facilitated, 2-hour course on rubric development or customization

Curriculum Alignment Service

Customized curriculum review service

Tailored reviews of district curriculum and assessments:

  • Standards alignment
  • Taught-tested alignment
  • Depth of knowledge correspondence
  • Quality and completeness

Online professional learning includes facilitated, 2-hour courses on standards alignment, curriculum alignment, and more

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