How We Do Our Reviews

Our goal is to save educators time and money! We hire experienced, certified teachers with expertise in standards alignment.  We train our reviewers to verify a publisher’s correlation and to assess the products’ key features and functionality.  Our editorial reviews draw from our reviewer’s feedback and interviews with the publisher and their customers who have personally used the product with students.  

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How do We Decide Which Products to Review?

We invite publishers to submit the products they want to sell.  And we review the products for free.  But, since Learning List is designed as a service for educators, we want educators to help fill our library.  Think of us as an extension of your curriculum department.

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Why we developed Learning List

In 2011, the Texas legislature decentralized and largely deregulated the purchasing of instructional materials and technology by school districts.  At the same time, school districts nationally were facing the challenge of implementing the Common Core State Standards. Education reformers were touting the cost-saving and academic benefits of online courses.

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What is Learning List

Learning List is a national online library of professional reviews of K-12 instructional materials and online courses, which will launch in August 2013.  For each featured product, we provide an alignment to state standards, an editorial review highlighting the products unique features and key information that educators need to implement the product effectively, and subscriber ratings and reviews.

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My Inspiration

One day I was walking through a prairie in Kenya accompanied by a guide and two friends from the U.S., when we suddenly came across five kids and an adult huddled under a tree.  As we approached, we saw that the adult was teaching the students math.  The teacher threw out a question and the kids feverishly calculated the answer …

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